October 23, 2010
By soupbowl21 GOLD, Sanford, North Carolina
soupbowl21 GOLD, Sanford, North Carolina
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He brings out the worst
He stresses me out
I have so much inside
And I can't get it out
No one to talk to
And no where to go
One year and four months
And nothing to show

I sit and I cry
But it does me no good
I look forward to nothing
I wish that I could
We argue and argue
I'm at my wits end
We kiss and make up
But don't make amends

There's tension between us
It won't go away
We pretend that it does
I always hope it will, someday
But when is it hopeless?
When do I give up?
I try to make it work
But it just gets messed up

Is it time to walk away?
Or do I just stay?
When do I say
Have a nice day?
Is it time now?
Or is there still hope?
Isn't it wrong
To sit here and mope?

We both could be happy
If we went our own ways
Though it would hurt
The hurt would soon pay
Pay me in happiness
Pay me in years
Years that are mine
Years without tears

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