She isn't me

October 22, 2010
By rain-rain111 PLATINUM, Roselle, Illinois
rain-rain111 PLATINUM, Roselle, Illinois
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He offered her the world but she said she had her own.

The word no often passes my lips
More likely when I look in the mirror.
that girl with bloodshot eyes,
she isn't me.
The one with tear tracks staining her cheeks,
she isn't me.
The memories of smiles and bright eyes
They are all too fresh in mind.
Hard to accept the change
So I deny it.
The glass lies.
It shows a ghost.
Because that girl I am seeing,
she isn't me.
Hair that use to be in place
Now flies every which way.
It can't be true,
she isn't me.
Watching the hope flee her eyes.
Feeling that smile fade.
Feeling happiness slip away.
She isn't me.
Because I wouldn't know how it came to this.
So until I can't hide the truth any longer
and find out that
Mirrors can't lie
And ghosts don't look so real,
I will keep chanting,
That girl always crying now,
She isn't me.

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