Dear Father

October 22, 2010
Dear father,
I wish you the greatest
To all that will be done
The heart ship will follow
My love will always last
You raised me to the best you could
And I thank you for what you did
You helped me through the rough
And enjoyed all the good times we shared
You cheered me on watching me play
From the sidelines I hear you say
Great job
Your always there when I look
Safty I feel when your near
I always wish I could pay you back
For all that's done
You care for all that I do
You are understanding
Words can't explain what you are
I hope that one day I am like you
When i need you, you're there
When im sacared, you calm me down
When I'm sad, you cheer me up
When I'm lonely, you're like a friend to me
So I thank you dad for the smiles you give and bring
For I hope I can do the same
Thank you for all that you do dad
I love you forever and always
Thanks dad

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