Don't Pretend

October 25, 2010
By , preston, United Kingdom
Don't pretend you know what it's like,
with your X-box, Wii, New clothes and bike.
You've never battled for your place in the world,
Just sat back and watched as your life unfurled.

You act like you're just like me,
But, really, you just can't see.
What it's like for the reagular ''joe''.
For you life's just a ''show''.

The way you are is ridiculous,
You're just so oblivious,
To the working man fighting for a place,
In your eyes you've won the race.

Working for hours just to eat,
Up all hours, always on my feet.
Nearly can't pay the bills sometimes,
Occasionally thinking of resorting to crimes.

I don't because im an honnourable person,
And NO my parents weren't respected ''merchants''
So don't pretend that we're equal at all,
because you know what your 2 inches and I'm 10 feet tall!

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