BackMoutain Boarding

October 25, 2010
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The wild swooshing by your ears going 30mph. The view of a city and mountains. This moment doesn’t last forever. In the blink of an eye, you can be in the wrong turn, at the right time. Snowboarding, has its ups and downs.
untain boarder. A back-mountain boarder is almost perfect in the trees. I’ve even go
Iweekend in February and I had turned 13. Deep in Alaskan, mountains, I had a choice betwee can snowboard all day if i could. My favorite part is going through trees. I’m known as a back-mone on a double black tree section and made it through without stopping. Sometimes when i got to the bottom, my dad usually asks if I see anyone within a 100ft radius because where I go. No one follows me. In less your Jake Allen.
It was a cold hard n double black trees, or a green run. Smart people who are amateurs would go the green trail. No, not me i thought. I like a little challenge. So before I went, I sat down. Looked over the snowy trees, and fog, to what had been more mountains. “Wow, isn’t it beautiful?” i asked Jake.
“Yeah, but its getting late,” He said swiftly standing up putting his ski's in.
“Let’s do it.”
We strapped in and we were off. Zooming bye trees i dodged as carefully and dashing as i could. Left right, left, right, left, tree, ditch, hole, jump, and BOOM! Flat surface, in a 5ft powder flask. Not the best situation to be in with 28 degrees in Alaska air.
“Jake!” I yelled.

“How did you get down here so fast?” Jake asked.
“I’m like pro at trees bro,” i giggled. “Nah just get me outta here.”
“Well grab my pole,” Jake said as he lifted me out the powder.
“I’ll beat you there,” pushing off Jake i rapidly moved through trees like a mice in a house. You might me consider me pro. But i don't like to brag.
When we got done i looked back. I took a deep breath, smiled, and put my board on my back. Thought to myself. There will be another day we meet. In-tell then. Have a nice day.

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