October 25, 2010
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You say forgive, but do you understand,
I cant forget the damage that’s already been done.
You say hold on,
But I’ve already let go.
Tell me why these words even exist,
For they mean nothing to me.
Tell me how my heart can beat,
When I feel life, just slipping right out of me.
How do I breath, when I feel I have no lungs to help me.
Do you see me; do you feel the hurt you’ve leashed me to?
Look into my eyes,
Do you see me, do you see the little girl I was and forever will be?
Do you feel the hurt that took my heart when I was just four?
I bet you cant, no one can,
For I have no life, no heart, no love, no dreams, nor light, nor hope.
So tell me how can I forgive, or forget,
When I feel so empty, that nothing even exists.

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