October 24, 2010
By , Manitou Springs, CO
Im the daughter of a mad hatted mother who couldn't read emotions even written on my face with eyeliner.
I have a father that money ate and threw up, i watched him get so mad, keep filling up his cup.
I grew up alone developed a personality, when no one could decipher it i questioned my sanity,
began to hate vanity when it took the people around me for a ride inside the mind of who they were supposed to be.
I learned to take what I make at a young age, I pay for what I break and I grow from my mistakes.
Never let anyone too far in, theres too thin a line between love and a trash bin.
I tie knots on string until my fingers bleed, was a hobby until it turned in to a need to expose the bones under my flesh to let you see more of what I am than what you thought I might be.
and I can guarantee what you thought was wrong, because I changed myself to not fit in your palm.
I'm not a liar, but I've told my fair share of lies. I'm not a follower, but I've seen through others eyes. I'm a leader in disguise of a girl with a sad life, I've been called a goddess but was never baptized. And I dont take s*** for that to easily, you want me to feel guilt? your going to have to force feed it to me.

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