The Truth

October 24, 2010
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Look into the one thing that tells the truth and speak a lie, look into my heart and realize he has sad eyes. He has bags as deep and as heavy as yesterdays sorrows, and he cannot bear another lonely tomorrow. But if you care to stay and hear another laugh, a fallen tear, then stay forever or do not come near because his vengance is deep and his pain he cannot keep. Oh when a day goes by and all that is left are the crumpled leaves beneath my feet i weep...god i weep! If only my sorrows did not reach so deep i would allow you to carry away each and every shattered piece. It is Love that i read, the word love that entreats me, and every single time i read another i grow weary. Weary...long lost sleep over simple things with such complexity; simple to whisper a word but to understand it is the difficulty. Had you looked into my eyes one night just once you would have seen the missing links, the broken peace, the tainted dreams, and you would have attempted at reaching understanding. Please love, do not consider this my devotion, just understand that there are words left unspoken.

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