Tides of Change

October 25, 2010
By peaches94 BRONZE, Sun City, California
peaches94 BRONZE, Sun City, California
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my heart
that which bleeds and weeps until you come back to me
while my life twists into a labrynthine series of events
that no longer seem to have any meaning when all i feel
is the gaping hole that you left me with

my mind
that which can no longer maintain its normal function
when my muse has left me to waste away on the lonley
Aegean Sea, while i drown in a river of tears and starve
without the nourishment of your love

my body
that which yearns and itches to pull you close
and tell you to take it back because all ive ever done is love you
while tears stream and make neat little spots
on the concrete as i restrain; it hurts

my self
that which must learn to love you again
this time as the friend you once were
as a whirlwind of emotion holds me back and chokes the words unspoken
until the tide comes to cleanse the sands of what we were

The author's comments:
It's amazing how pain and heartbreak can cause such emotions to be put on paper to be identified by others. we are all unified in emotion.

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