Before I Entered the Real World

October 25, 2010
Before I entered the real world,
I thought everyday & everything meant nothing
That everything happened like a fairy tale,
Everything was the same
And nothing was really true when it happened
I never knew what reality was

When someone died
I couldn’t get it through my head that they had passed away
Because everyday felt the same
When someone wasn’t my friend anymore
I would want to talk to them like we use to
When wars go on
The days don’t feel different
But in reality of everything that happens in the world
Everything happens for a reason
Nothing happens for any reason
We just have to let each day come to us
And live each moment like it’s our last
Because we never know when
It’s our time to pass.

I always thought that I had to be the same as everyone
If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be liked
What if I wore the wrong clothes?
What if I said the wrong thing?
What If I wasn’t the best at everything?
What if I failed?
These were all questions that rang through my mind
Every single day
But I’ve come to realize
That I am not perfect
No one is
People think they are perfect,
But I guess they haven’t entered the real world either
I’ve come to realize that
Just because I don’t wear the right clothes
Or act just like everyone around me,
I am me
No one else
Just me

I have my own goals
I have my own dreams
I will have my own opportunities
And I have my own life
I need to control my life.

Before I entered reality,
I didn’t realize how good I have it,
When I’m at home
Watching television
Being with friends and family,
There are people out in the world
Who don’t have family?
Who don’t have any food to eat?
Who are on the verge of dying?
This is reality
It is does not only happen in movies or books
This is real and people have to live through it

Before I entered the real world
I was still living with regrets
With friendships broken
With grudges
So I am going to get out of my fairytale world
And live in reality
The reality is; anything can happen at any moment,
So you just have to be prepared
And take what comes to you
I will free myself of all the judgments I have received from people
Of all the grudges I have held against my friends
Of all the regrets I live with
And everything I wish will happen, that is not possible
I will come to the real world.

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