I Am: Tanner Hall

October 25, 2010
By Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
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"Friendship is a wild card: The worth and promise varies."


I am colorful but seriously misunderstood

I wonder when I’ll be accepted for who I am

I hear the voices of an audience behind the stage curtain

I see the row of clapping, entertained individuals

I want to be recognized for more than a professional pretender

I am colorful but seriously misunderstood

I pretend to be many different people onstage

I feel this may just be a concealing façade

I touch the fabric curtains as they rise; it’s my time to be someone else
I worry if maybe this is all an intricate, subconscious way to cope

I cry sometimes at this dreadful realization

I am colorful but seriously misunderstood

I understand that I hide this side with flamboyance and feign optimism

I say to a few friends, I want to be different; I just want to be me

I dream that one day I can truly be myself, not a hobbit or a man

I try to mirror my desired image each and every day

I hope that one day I will be accepted for me, flaws and all

I am colorful and seriously misunderstood

I am Tanner Hall

The author's comments:
A poem written for my English Honors class. The first few words were provided as the setup was more of template, so I cannot take credit for the "I cry", "I hope", etc. parts.

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