It Rained Last Night

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

It rained last night.
And I thought of you immediately.
Your missing heartbeat,
Your phantom presence,
Your missing essence.
And I saw,
Through the rain-slicked window
My reflection with your eyes,
Those ones I despise.
If I could see you again,
I would tell you that I’m sorry,
I’m sorry.
I left you out, not knowing
It would pour,
And so you shut the door on me.
But unexpectedly you pulled the floor
From me.
And watching you walk away,
Fade into the horizon like
Part of the scenery
Blasted my soul to parts,
You should’ve seen me bleed,
But it rained last night, which made the blood run with liquidity
And it stormed last night, which made my face
Tear with the profanity
Of this gapping gap of a hole
You have created in my heart,
And I curse you for leaving
When it was doomed from the start,
But knowing we’re dead
Will only tear you apart
Oh this love, oh this art,
Oh my love, oh my heart,
Please go on…
Because it rained last night,
And I thought of you immediately.
Because I cried last night,
And I thought of your immediate leave.

The author's comments:
A very personal piece, it represents a missing father. It is meant to be read, as a spoken word piece, but also on paper can be read.

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