October 19, 2010
By Kiwi521 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Kiwi521 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Rythms blow through the wind
And it's vibrations echo through the ground
It swirls around me
In my breath
In my feet
And in my heart
It gives me timing and guidance
It seems so obvious to me
But others seem not to hear it at all
The sea has a slow,but steady beat
Like the waves
The forests have a calm, lulling beat
Like a lullaby
The Desert has a strong, harsh beat
Like a prickly cactus
The mountain has a powerful, yet mysterious beat
Like a proud Grizzly
These rythms always help me understand a history that no other can tell

The author's comments:
I've been meaning to write this piece for a while, and I finally got to it... Ya!

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