October 19, 2010
By LilaMarie BRONZE, Bonita, California
LilaMarie BRONZE, Bonita, California
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Street lamps spill pools of illuminated anticipation
Across faces of the young and restless
The forbidden dances with the twinkle
That shines behind the eyes of insecurity
Intertwined fingers synchronize the pounding heartbeats of two
The presence of another
Keeps her head spinning full circle
Touches of fire leave charcoal trails of destruction
Along icy skin that yearns for the painful heat
The fear of repeated brokenness consumes her thoughts
As the aching need for another grasps his empty promise
The burden of her heavy heart
Weighs down his only arm free of the burning cigarette
Sweet smoke of shotguns
Pull the trigger that shatters her sensibility
Heavy breathing overcomes the distant screams
Of the blaring sirens that race down midnight highways
Gentle hands cradle the face of desire
She blinks away the visibility of her heart
Nervous vulnerability seeps through every tear
The bridges she needs to come back
Catch fire with every burning kiss
The unavailability of emotions
Verify the realistic possibility of regret
Forgotten pasts give way to inevitable futures
She jumps
With only the hope that he’ll be there to catch her

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