Such Sensation

October 19, 2010
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Feel me
See me
Taste me
Hear me
Take me in
Like incremental doses
Prescribed to you daily
Let me be
The source of your vitality
Crave me too much
But never enough

Unleash the restraints
With which you’ve restricted me
I will leap over
Your every invisible boundary
Inhale the vivacious air
Of my whimsicality
Let me flutter through
Your every thought
Feel me in extremity
Like the uproar of waves
Like a salty tide
That lingers on for days
I will corrode you
Then replenish you
You will emerge
From the soul of me,
Brand new

This is a lot to ask of you
But I am the conveyer belt
With which you must pass through
It is not enough to see me
You must rigorously
Become my unity
Then you may break away
We will become two
But only then will I grant you
The permission
To see me as you wish to

Like anesthesia injected
Through the surface of your skin
Let me rush through you
Like a warmth that spreads,
That smolders within
That sets your heart aflame
Then quickly diminishes the pain
May you slip into
This passion induced slumber
Where you will dream
Where you will see my warmth Splayed out
Like a color scheme

I’d like to discreetly
Seep through
The fabric that materializes you
Every seam
Every indentation
Every flaw gone unseen
Let me be the music pouring
From the musicians fingertips
Strumming your strings
Tapping your keys
Allowing you to hear
Your own harmony
With ease

Let me expand above you
Like a vast canvas
Of constellations
The never ending eternity
Of limitless expansion
Like the profound realization
That the sky goes on for infinity
Like the divine forces
That surpass humanity

Let me be the kaleidoscope
Through which you see
May you only be allowed to view
A peephole portion of me
Of my contradictory,
Cascading hues
That spin in patterns
Of dizzying accuracy
May this sparse portion
Set you free
Leave you with just enough
To come back for more of me

Let me be the rage unleashed
After enduring chronic captivity
Let me be the outcry
Of domineering emotion
The highest pitched release
That fills the vocal chords
With elation
Let me be the flash flood
Of the past
That you laboriously wade through
Only to emerge at the mouth
Of my river of veins
So you may float freely
Atop your future
Like luxurious locomotive, via me

Let me be the wings you grow
The muscles beneath the feathers
That propel you to infinity
Let me be the feat
That you treasure too much
To let anyone else see
Let me be the enriching knowledge
That grows in abundance
That you treasure immensely
That opens the pathway
From the tangible
To the clairvoyance
Of what you cannot see

Let me be the Advil
That releases the tension Contained in your cranium
Let me be the metallic toxicity
Of your fuel
Let me be your uranium

Let me be the ferocity
With which you claim your destiny
Like a downpour
That cleanses your soul
The tunnel of freshness
That bolts through
Your body cavity
That tornado inside you
Made of what inspired you
That builds up
To the climatic will
Of those who despise you
Then ends in the gratuitous melody Of my adoration for you

Just let me be
Sensations that you feel
Not that you see
Immerse yourself in my entirety
Because I alone will set you free.

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