13 Years

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Like an Inferno raging
Or a wildfire blazing
My emotions are thick
Slick and heavy
Wild and Deadly
Tipped by poison darts and shot at me with confetti.

These thoughts of indifference
The change in uniqueness
When everything is normal
Nothing exotic or Paranormal
Ringed on all the time like a massive holy church bell
Then spit on like a sidewalk crevice
The crack widening till it engulfs you whole
Quicksand can trap but it can’t hurt
Unlike people that thrive upon you being their like an unsatable thirst.
Expected to be there in mind and in health
Life can turn sour
Like a rotten lemon devoured

12 vials of life all pristine
Yet the 13th vial is cracked and defiled
Nothing like the child that was there before
Once cared for
Once adored
Now nothing in the 13th exists without flint
A dent in his epic life
A quest, an objective with riddles riled
His emotions and vermilion blood run like a child
Now thinking about what life has in store
Whether he is going to be rich and famous
Or spending the last days of his life sweeping dust of the floor
Yet beyond lie not one but thousands of open doors
All he needs is trust, love, and happiness to get to the gold
Reached alone or with a bond no, he does not know
But one day, some day his quest, his objective, his 13th vial, his tormential and residual feelings
Will become what he reaps if he smartly sows.

The author's comments:
I was mad at myself for doing something dumb, and then felt even more mad because i was thinking with my inner darker self

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