October 19, 2010
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Maimed by the beauty,
I sit and watch while it puts me in its trance.
Up in the sky, the stars penetrate through the clouds,
I lie in the grass, calm and collected,
And see a shooting star glide through the night sky.
I wish upon it for all my wishes will come true.
Where I stay there is no worries, no darkness, no sadness,

Everything is steady…silent…delicate.

My eyes closed,
Nature takes its course.
The breeze flows through my hair,
It needs, It wants, It desires.
It is everything.
In my mind,
I am on an escapade,
Swinging from branch to branch.
An adrenaline rush,
There is nothing like it, nothing.
I am playful, happy, joyful.
My dreams are incognito,
Playing hide and seek,
For me to find and catch them.
The liveliness inside me blooms like a beautiful rose,
It seeking energy,
Sublimates the sorrow and misery,
To make me forget,

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