Sincerely, Anonymous

October 19, 2010
By , Cherry Hill, NJ
To My Awesome Neighbor:

I'm the girl who lives in the house next door
Who sits and watches you, nothing more.
For I am the girl who has no working voice
So talking with you is an impossible choice.

I've often wondered hoe it's feel
To talk with you, the dream's so real.
To have a conversation at last
That dream? For me, it's all in the past.

But my time here is almost done
I've lived my life, I've had my fun.
For I'm too sick to live my life
My memories now are ones filled with strife.

As my next door neighbor, promise me this:
You'll keep my letter, sealed with a kiss.
And even in my cancerous death,
I'll always love you, even after my last breath.

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