A Not So Worn Home

October 19, 2010
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My kitty cat was baby cat
she did not have a bed
she needed some where to sleep

so i took it upon myself
to build her a place to stay

she needed
blankets and
pillows and
toys and
a comfy cupboard to call her own

so i took out my toys and lead her inside

i sacrificed
some of my blankets and
one of my pillows
and closed the door to turn of the light

i was proud of my work
but their was one problem

baby cat did not like being all shut up
oh, but soon she would thank me oh,
yes she would!

but my mom did not agree with me
oh no she did not

why do you have the cat in the cupboard!

its her house
i reapplied trying to make her see reason

well take her out
so baby cat

once again had no home

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