The Boy With The Blonde Wisps

October 19, 2010
By LinedWithCharcoal GOLD, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
LinedWithCharcoal GOLD, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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I sit on my cloud, looking down at my home.
Never, ever, have I felt so alone.
Fifteen years ago was my birth,
Just one year ago I departed this earth.
The cruel, hard fate I claimed for mine,
The blood that I shed, the tears that I cried,
When I stupidly followed the boy with blonde wisps;
His big, bright, blue eyes, beauty: sealed with a kiss.

He promised a night filled with wonder, right down to my bone.
HE told me that I was beautiful, and to meet him alone.
By telling my parents, I knew it'd be this:
I wouldn't, I couldn't see the boy with blonde wisps.
He's too old, they would say, and he's trouble, they'd warn.
I could never decide, my heart, it'd be torn.
With my parents in mind, and the coin that I flipped,
I ignored them and went for the boy with blonde wisps.

I met him at four just like he had asked,
As I looked around my room, I never thought it'd be my last.
The second we were alone, he turned on his charm;
I'd never have thought that it'd cause so much harm.
I let him get closer, and then a lunge
He whipped out his weapon, and went for the plunge.
The last thing I saw was the knife in my hips,
And the beautiful eyes of the boy with the blonde wisps.

So I sit here, alone, just trapped on my cloud,
Just wrapped in my thoughts, the silence so loud.
As I stare at my home, feel my family's breath,
As they gather there now, at the anniversary of my death.
They say they knew me well, but I'm not extremely sure;
Listing memories that we shared, enjoying who we were.
And the whispers of my name cross my family's mourning lips,
Because I stupidly followed the boy with the blonde wisps.

The author's comments:
This piece was actually inspired by The Lovely Bones. My second poem, please be kind.

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