Before The Petals Fall

October 19, 2010
By ixiacrest BRONZE, Corvallis, Oregon
ixiacrest BRONZE, Corvallis, Oregon
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You once told me
Life is a lotus flower
Beginning in the darkest crevices
To grow towards the sun.
And as each petal drops
Back into the blackness of the void
A bit of life goes with it.
So before then, I promise
I would have found love.

I must discover for myself
If love is worth the effort.
Because such a thing
Can be lost as easily as found.
To spend my time
Dreaming away for happiness.
Do I really want that?

Every small piece of joy
Is rivaled by sorrow.
You come and you go.
You bring such feelings with you
That are overwhelming me.
I do not understand.
Your petal is gone
But love lingers in the air.

Sometimes I try to remember
When we were together.
The memory escapes my grasp.
If it were up to me
I would not let you go.
But the winds of destiny
Have already blown the petals
Far away from me.

Before the petals fall
I will find
The answer to my life.
What are you to me?
I don’t think your answer matters.
Before the petals fall
I will wait for you

As long as I live
I will search for love.
One day I might realize
That you are the one
I’ve been searching for.
And that’s the one thing
I can’t endure.
Because the last petal
Has already fallen.

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