Flaws make us perfect.

October 19, 2010
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Small eyes are invariably watching you, waiting for you to slip up.

Bigger eyes have mouths that turn into scowls when you try to be yourself.

You are frozen and nervous.

You try to hard to hide something you were never meant to conceal.

You want so much to be what you truly are; every second of every single day of every changing year.

You shouldn’t fear what you don’t know. The only thing that matters is how you feel; everything else is unimportant until you master what comes first.

Writing about your problems solves them; so what if the world thinks you are despicable?

If that is what they believe, they are absolutely ignorant. Those who say “they over-think everything” do not think enough. Surely you must understand other’s differences?

Not all of us do; but I do, and I love each and every flaw.

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