Buried Alive

October 19, 2010
I am buried alive,
Buried of the hate and torture of my life.
Though I dont help myself,
As the marks on my hands wound me.
My black clothes show how I am,
drained of the happiness,joy,and love.
I cant remeber the last time I was loved, when the lime light shown on my heart.
This worlds pressures pushed me in this box, the box of resentment,hurt,and anger.
I am never relived,
My chest pounds as I walk up the steps of hell.
As i walk my name is called many times,nobody it is,suffocating on my heart.
Many demons torment me,
Their words of hatred slither out like snakes,
And bite my cheeks,as i am spat on.
And when I try to venture out ,
DEmons come , stalk,prowl,and jump.
Dont the peacekeepers see my pain,
Cant the prevent my suffering.
Or do the see me as a nobody too.
My cries are loud enough for everyoneto hear,but this world crushed me and now,

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