Tears of Pain

October 19, 2010
By , West Columbia, SC
She fell in love once,
She fell in love twice,
The third time it didn't matter
because tears starting rolling down her eyes.

She asked herself why each and every single day,
Because she was being hurt by this guy in each and every single way.

He would beat her and she would cry as time would pass her by,
And at the end she just couldn't stop the tears
Because she had been hurt for so many years.

He would make love to her
Telling her that everything would be okay,
But she flipped once she found out that it was just part of his game that he wanted her to play.

But it ended out okay because she showed he that the tears she shed from pain wasn't no game
And each and every tear he made her shed
Drove her to the point where she went insane.

So love to me has no meaning at all
But when you find that Right one
He'll be Right by your side to comfort you and wipe away the tears from your brown eyes . . .

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