My Pursuit Of Happiness

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

i woke up to realize what i was missing
what i was without
what pills and cutting couldnt bring
the seed that makes the plant real
it makes mother cry
it makes fathers pray
somthing u have to have before you have anything
the hate to my love
its involves no ordeal of fat thoughts
no perfect bodied mistress
it requires no train of though
no need in questioning
it makes you look week
you my dear are week
week and powerful
im sorry but ive found what i was looking for
the one for me isnt anything
itd be nothing to watch from a distance of what was once ours
once yours
now hers
or his
doesnt matter
does it?
but no it does.. to whom needs it be
i went to sleep before ending this realization till the morrow
the realization which pills and cutting couldnt bring me to find

my pursuit of haappiness

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