missing you

October 21, 2010
By Anonymous

well i guess it's here again
that terrible stomach ache
that dreadful heart stopper
our goodbyes must be exchanged
Leaving you is not the hard part
as most would think it to be
the hardest part is i'm torn up inside
with the thought of parting from you
but you could care less
not even enough to give me a true hug
one worthy of goodbyes
expectations of mine aren't that high
just high in your eyes
i sometimes wonder what it would take
for you to miss me
to really really truly miss me
a week, one month, a year
a lifetime
maybe even longer
but it is not fair
no, not fair at all how you treat me
i would take a bullet for you
and you wouldn't even put on a bandaid for me
but you are my sister
weather you like it or not
so step up to the plate
because i am now running home

The author's comments:
my sister left for college and i miss her, even though i dont think she misses me.

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