She is Worth Fighting For

October 21, 2010
By , Saint Peters, MO
We have been fighting against the Japanese, trying to take this small island
in order to get closer to the homeland.
We have topped this God forsaken mountain of Iwo Jima,
taking out soldiers one…by…one.
It has been harder than we anticipated,
as the Japs have been willing to fight with every man woman and child,

and we are willing to kill every man women and child.

It’s been a blood bath thus far: bullets flying everywhere,
soldiers screaming to go home ,
and planes flying overhead constantly!
But in this moment all is still and silent.
We rummage around rusted beat-up metal
at our feet in search of a perfect piece.
Though it takes a while, we find one.

We tie our nation’s colors to the end,
plant the heavy solid iron rod into the soil,
and the six of us lift her to fly.
We look at her majestic beauty; proud to be an American.
She is the one and only symbol today that has given any grace at all.
Looking up towards God, we are all proud of this moment.
She is worth fighting for.

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