Bahama Breeze

October 21, 2010
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The ship is swaying side to side,
and ocean waves crashing making a calm “whoosh” sound.
Crowds of people exit and begin
snatching pictures of the colorful island.

Click, click, click…. “Wow, what a beauty.”
I step foot into the yellow, non-air conditioned taxi cab,
asking to drive to the local beach.
My head and camera are strung out the window.
I feel the cool Bahama breeze stroke across my face,
developing long lasting memories.

I walk across the hot, white, sandy beach
with seashells crunching beneath all toes.
Looking straight ahead and seeking the
crystal clear ocean.
I take a split second to soak everything in.

Zoom…. Click, click, click. “That’s a good one.”
I follow the sand trail that leads to a Seafood restaurant,
and ease drop on their conversations as I pass by.
Snapping more pictures of people.
Capturing the master photo of,

“Welcome to the Bahamas.”

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