The Early New Year's

October 21, 2010
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We pull up to the gray castle-like building.
I grab my Barbie book-bag full of clothes and toys.
My brothers scarf up our sleeping bags.
Running up the black and white checkered stairs,
we race to see who will reach the 4th floor first.
We arrive at apartment ‘C’.
Aunt Nancy wisps open the door in excitement.

We change into our Disney flannel pajamas.
Pull out Monopoly, Twister, and Uno.
We turn the TV onto channel 6 and watch the singers perform.
Small smoke-like clouds burst from their mouths with every exhale.
A shiny silver ball hangs in the background at Time Square.

We gather our horns, streamers, pots, and spoons.
March outside to the courtyard.
Start OUR countdown to ring in the New Year.
Jumping up and down celebrating.
Odd looks are driven our way.

I lay bundled up in my sleeping bag.
I try to fall asleep, but the noises overpower.
Why are people still awake?
I lay my head back down on the soft cotton pillow.

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