That One Fall Evening

October 21, 2010
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That One Fall Evening

We leave the car, already smiling,
our hands magnetically clinging to one another

we are so comfortable
and the journey across fresh green grass, even in the darkness, is so soft, so fresh.

We take our time with laughter and jokes; our eyes meeting, here and there.

When we arrive at the faded brown bench, it doesn’t seem so old to us
At first it’s so cold, but the warmth we create makes it feel like a bed of covers
we could lay in all night.

New autumn leaves surround us.

Here—gazes speak for us knowing we got each other, so close
Nothing can take us apart here
The moon makes the pond glisten almost as if looking into a sea of diamonds, while your eyes are just the same.

Overhanging trees above and beside us sway in the wind. . .dancing to their own joy.
The waterfall across the way is in my view by the low pavilion lights. This is such a deep, soft sound through my ears with your whispers
“Someone will hear us!”. .but no one is around, so playful. Our laughter.

I lean back and look at the white glow of spackled stars, staring into the never ending . . .
wishing this night would be the same

I love you.

I love our place.

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