The Rainbow, Gasoline, and Masks

October 21, 2010
I believe in being colorful-
I let the rainbow fill me up with its delicious
And I let it spill out onto everything I touch

I believe in being myself-
I wouldn’t dare
Put on a mask and pretend
And, I wouldn’t dare to hide

I believe in doing what scares me-
Even if I had another choice
‘Cus I let fear in
I lead it straight into my core
Where it can shake my roots
And tear at my soul
But then, after it has left
There is nothing to be afraid of

I believe in music-
The hum of distant guitar strings call to me,
They sing to me
I answer the call,
Lay the guitar on my lap and
Let the music take over my anatomy
Let it reach every corner of my
Let it heat me right up like fire and gasoline

I believe in flying high
I believe in having fun
I believe in me

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