October 21, 2010
By aeslehc SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
aeslehc SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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I worked in the fields to be free
But, all you hear is “Whoosh”
I’m whipped you hear me scream
My master says “Sshhh”
The whip is like a python that comes alive
It bites me. Bloods flies & still thrive

My master says “say"
My name Negro” The whip sails thought the sky
I say “master” The whip hurts and always
I scream. The words disappear like day to night. They fly
I see black. I woke up. I say “I will get freedom for we”.
I look up at the night sky & wish a star was me

I stood to my feet. It was night.
I went to my little shack. I got crumbs .I packed them
In a small pouch .I walked to the woods. I ran with all my might
I felt a shock made of thunder go up my spine I ripped the hem
Of my tattered dress. T ran feeling power the same
A cheetah has but, then my heart gave. I finally got freedom. I flew

I flew to the sky
I had freedom in my hands
I had left slavery to my
Lord’s wonderful land
I heard his whisper “Do not fear
You are finally here”

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