The Complexion

October 21, 2010
By Shanteru.keiko53 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Shanteru.keiko53 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Forget the fear, its just a Crutch, that holds you back, and turns your dream to dust, all you need to is just trust."-(Fireflight)
"Childhood is not from a certain age to a certain age but when the child puts away childish things."(Robert frost)

Perfect to see yet flawed

for you see this façade

a face unsure, a mind so pure

unlike any other invisible complexion.

An opaque wall, dark, and brooding, is this mask

it shades the face behind

the person become unseen.

The complexion is protected

ever so perfected

with only one defect

the pure mind withers and rots away.

Innocence turns

and is faced with tragedy.

The complexion walks into view

reflecting no meaning

streets are blurred as I walk

and underneath it breaks.

The pieces fall

unveiling the truth I face.

The author's comments:
My original inspiration for piece was a picture of myself, where my face was pale and my mouth didn't show. Then the meaning of the poem changed to what it is now. The meaning of this poem, is self realization and hypocrisy.

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