Blind Ambition

October 21, 2010
Blind ambition
Befuddles my mission.
I am a spy with no cause.
Mindless militia,
Crude aggression,
Sharp as the lion’s claws.
Peace gone missing
Because people don’t listen.
You wouldn’t see their tears glisten.

Tears of sadness,
Tears of love,
Tears falling from above.
Tears of sadness,
Hope and joy.
Their tears raw truth,
Within them, there is no ploy.

So put down your guns,
Lower your weapons.
In peace and in knowledge,
Harmony beckons.

Why give into such hate,
That makes this life hard to appreciate.
Be someone else, don’t go with the flow.
Make the decision,
It’s okay to say, “NO!”

You are unique,
Your own person, indeed!
Many say, “One size fits all,”
But WE stand up and say, “That’s not true at all!”
So defy the word,
Drop the sword.
Do something just,
But on your own accord.

In ending we leave a message for you-
Don’t fall into belief,
As a new generation seek your own truth.
But don’t take my word,
It takes failure to learn.

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