Gone before I could enjoy it

October 21, 2010
By Jeremiah Eoff BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
Jeremiah Eoff BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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The bright orange lights fade, we turn, stare as the slow song hits.
After dragging me to the dance floor, she takes my cold hands
into her soft warm grasp, and smiles.
The song slugs on, singing to the sway of our feet.
I try to keep up, she laughs and slows to my pace.
The other boys and girls converse loudly over the music as we whisper softly.
I complain that I hate dancing, she just smiles,
knowing I love dancing with her, though I’d never admit that happiness.
I Smile, finally, just before she lets go of my hand.
I sigh as she saunters away to another dance partner.

The song spins like a ballerina to a speedy beat,
our dance over, before I was ready.
I watch her dance the night away as I sip a soda,
feeling the remaining warmth of her hands.
A great moment gone, before I could stop complaining and enjoy it.

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