Daddy Please Let Go

October 21, 2010
A distant memory surfaces each time your face appears.
A time when you were partly sane, when you showed an ounce of indefinite love for whom you created.
A truthful smile lingered across your face,
An awkward comfortness built in the hollow of my center, flushing the pain away.
You showed me patience and detail.
The arch of a building,

The light glistening off of my skin creating geometrical shapes.
Different was the definition of your existence,
Worldly things had no interest in your warped mind.
We walked along the beach,
Father and daughter bonding with no suspicion of chaos appearing to those looking beyond.
We studied the creases and crevices of a seashell and the way the sand patterned in the shape of the ocean.

We closed our eyes and took in heavy breaths of the seasalt air, currents crashing against our thighs.

The glory of your time within my life was limitted but nor can I ignore the fact that it was there.
For you have my name tattooed on your skin. A permanent reminder that I am your tortured creation dug from a deep pit in your fantasies.
I have your traits splattered across my face, a perfect reflection of you.
My poetry shows proof that you exist somewhere beneath the prison of your own mind,
I bring out the beauty within the ugly in your eyes.
When I look into you and see what lingers within your mind I see myself.
You say I belong to you,
I am your property and I cannot go until you let me go,
Well then please,
Let Me Go.

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