Miss Destroy

October 21, 2010
By AviiRose BRONZE, Valley Village, California
AviiRose BRONZE, Valley Village, California
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Diamond white doves nest beneath my eyelashes
Creating helpless disease like poison lashes
Throwing their delicate wishes to the wind
Maybe one will catch fire and somehow inspire
Them to fly away

Sometimes pain reverts to pleasure
Inside this awful measly measure
Where paper dreams crumble into fiery ashes
Admitting poison remedies amongst the masses
Destroying from the inside in
Sometimes you let the loser win

Trust turns to fear driven fate
Once you break the surface it’s your right to hide what you can’t hate
Little perfect demon toys wrapped in satin cotton ploys
Grinding marrow against appeasing the passion
Tell me what to say, Miss Destroy

Tame your wasted doves as they rain down from the sky
Broken beaten bodies lying pitiful and no one wonders why
Picking on the weak ones is such a waste of time
Set your infected dart to hit the target without the prize

Shoot me up with the substance I beg for
Clawing at the knees
Rip each brain wave down the middle
Put yourself out of my misery, please
Create an oppressed country
Snapping at the hands
Tear the hairline straight forward
And let our society dwindle with demands

Feel the ground beneath your bare blood ridden feet
Because sooner than later
You’ll be beneath it
Whisper your deepest memories into the sickness you bare
Once upon a time you strangled the dignity
Casting the forgotten puzzle pieces broken beyond repair

The author's comments:
My name is Avii, and this piece is based off my views of how society is lately. I as a teenager find it difficult to sit and watch apathetic adults cover up so much and expect us to twiddle our thumbs in shut-out silence. I also consider it one of my best pieces. This is simply based off of my opinion.

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