October 20, 2010
By Crying_Diamonds SILVER, Redwood City, California
Crying_Diamonds SILVER, Redwood City, California
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"Your future is an empty canvas just waiting for that first brush stroke."

There is nothing quite so caustic
As hearing a lie from the mouth of an angel
A goddess - an example of perfection
For then I know - perfection is a lie

You betrayed me - that I can handle
You betrayed the truth - what does that gain you?
Nothing can justify that - surely you can understand? 
After everything I sacrificed for the truth that wasn't there

I thought I'd write you a letter
How does "Y" suit you?
But it's not a letter, is it?
It's a question - but is there an answer?

It's the question I ask every day
And every day, there's no reply
I just stay suffocated, dying,
In this prison that we built together for me

Perhaps there is a reason that this had to be
But we don't need one, not now
Nothing could change the way things are
So I'll just end this letter - the same way you ended yours:

"Love always"

The author's comments:
For Valentine's Day my girlfriend at the time got me a card, and signed it at the bottom, "Love Always," followed by her name. Less than 4 months later, we broke up; we haven't spoken at all in over two months. I wrote this poem addressing her, even though I know she's never going to see it

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