the rain

October 20, 2010
By Noe Jimenez BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
Noe Jimenez BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
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The rain

I love the rain.
When I hear it,
I just want to go out with it
it makes me super happy and excited
I don't know why but it just does

I go out and play in the rain
it is very fun
but also very weird
who will ever want to play with rain?
Me of coarse!

I feel the first drop
my senses act up and feel it
I look up and it raining
I stick out my tongue and feel it tingle in my mouth

tick tock
time goes by and it gets more intense
the drops get bigger and harder
I know my mom will call me anytime
she doesn't like me getting wet

the fun is over
I wish I could keep on playing
but I cant
I just stay home inside the rest of the day

rain is the best
it relieves all your problems
and lightens up day
go out and play
and have the time of your lives

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