Just a Phase

October 22, 2010
As comfortable, as the pillow
resting against my cheek
your presence
calms me and
soothes me of
negative energy
as serene
as the color green
as clean
as Mr clean
now my hands wont stop writing
and my thoughts wont stop meaning
or talking
about you
now your the inanimate objects in my poetry
the metaphors in my poetry
the space between the lines
of my poetry
you wanna try to understand me
more then my poetry do
you wanna hug me
more then my clothing do
wanna walk beside me
more then my shadow do
wanna trust me
more then i do ?
and while these words
are about you
and these thoughts
are about you
who are you
do i know you
will i keep you?
or are you
just a phase........

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