His Voice

October 22, 2010
Brick walls
Steel ones
It doesn't matter
They all work the same

Prevention of sight
Even thought

Time ticking away
Incoherent noises
Dark flashes before my eyes
No comiserating in these prison cells

Imagined phantoms waiting in cornors
No longer frighten me
All that does
Is not being alone
When no one else is around

No name
No reason
Just ideas

Speaches of salvation
Claims divine powers
Led him here
To save me

I'm not so sure

I'm getting out now
He told me how
I never would have done this
But he seems....

The blood I spilt under his word
The sight is unbelievable
I can't stand it

I turn myself in

A bright room
Soft bed
Friendly faces
A nice change

But he still chants on
I don't know how long I can last

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