October 19, 2010
By , Burley, ID
You fight alone in your room.
Though I can't hear, I can feel.
I can feel the painful words,
The begging and pledding.
You're so unforgiving mother.
Have mercy on my father.
You and him make me.
So please don't fight.
That's almost all you do now.
I have you two back now,
Yet you still fight.
Mommy, stop.
Please put daddy's stuff away.
Don't put it in a box.
Look, mommy, look,
Daddy's home.
Please daddy, stumble to mom.
Hold her tight.
Make up and be my parents again.
Daddy, please don't do that again.
I love you.
Mommy, he'll be back.
Stop all of this pain.
I love you both.

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