Love or Hate

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Joy or sorrow?
Pick your feeling.
Love or hate?
Pick your emotion.
Please pick.
I can't take the confusion.
I can't tale the sorrow.
I can't take the hate.
What did he do?
How am I so much like him?
Tell me why he's 'no good'.
Tell me why you use strong words.
Why hate?
You did love.
You did hug.
You were joyfull.
But now you distance yourself.
I am all that's left of you and him.
I'm alone.
Please don't say you hate him again.
I love you mom...
And I love my dad too...
Please don't say it again mom.
Don;t say you hate him...

The author's comments:
My parents were divorced and my mom always claimed she hates him. But i wrote this two years ago in 2008. It was troubling me so i wrote it

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