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October 20, 2010
By alihadley14 GOLD, Glasford, Illinois
alihadley14 GOLD, Glasford, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Truth is, everyone's going to hurt you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley
"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." -Plato

Ancient, illegible love notes slept silently on my bed.
Their words put to rest, never meaning what they said.
Just a whisper in my heart.
A snicker in my soul.

Finger deep in frosting,
Suffocating in a can full of sorrow.
My heart can't come to terms with your absence.
It's still living in fuzzy-love paradise.
Snuggling up in romance,
Popping popcorn into her pain-clogged arteries.

Stupid Heart.
You don't know anything.

My toes poke out from under the blanket.
The only part of me visible.
I'm hiding.
From you.
From them.
From me.
They musn't hear my erratic thoughts.
They musn't see me struggle.
Just grin and bear it.
Flex those cheek muscles..

but then again forget it.

There isn't any air in here.
Nor there.

My eyes like cherry jello airbags.
They drain out all the pain.
They wisk it away.
Down the stream it goes.
With my hopes.
With my dreams.
With my trust.
Bye bye bye down a cherry scented tributary.

And i laugh a laugh
thats colder than the freezer's belch
faker than a teacher's pep
sadder than a widow's cry.

Stupid Girl.

and i fought with my concious.
and i wrestled with my brain.
i sought to reach sanity,
but this feeling's not the same.

My eyes fluttered shut,
closed to the realworld,
now opened up to mine.
Rain drizzled outside their doors,
And the heat kicked on too high.
My heart had a kiniption,
My food did backflips in my stomach;

i love you.

The spoon clanked to the bottom,
Breath seeped out of my nostrils.
My fists rolled up inito knots of fury.
Electronic wisdom spiraled down my spine.
Serenity Insanity.

The agony.
My heart withers in pain.
She collapses right there on the bra-littered floor.
And my heart cried for one last thing
before it died for good.
before she beat her last meausure of rhythm.
"Avenge me",

so i picked up that empty frosting can,
And i chucked it through your chest.

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