Mystery Girl

October 3, 2010
By Anonymous

People say that she is funny, outgoing, lovable
That she can be best friends with someone when its there first time meeting
She is always happy and brings a smile to anyones face...
But is that really her?
Has anyone really gotten close enough to this mystery girl to understand what she is going through?
What if it turns out that she has a secret
She could have so many problems that the stress of it all is just killing her
And everyday she puts on a happy face
For who though?
What does she have to prove?
Is she trying to impress her friends?
Because in truth no one really cares
Nobody is interested in her
Or gives a s***
So she is stuck
Stuck with all these problems
Problems that she is waiting to tell anybody who cares enough to listen
Yet as each day goes by,
She is having to put on a fake smile
But on the inside she feels nothing
Not a single feeling
She is just dead

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