Where I'm From... (depression)

October 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from pain,
Crawling through people’s hearts,
And reveling in their tears.
I am from memories,
Dark and foreboding,
That can overtake your senses.
I am from smoke,
Thick and foggy,
Clinging to your lungs,
So you can’t breathe.
I am from the razor
In your hand and
The blood running down your arm.
I am from black and blue bruises
That you can’t erase.
I am from heartbreak
That can’t be eased,
And fear that you’ll never fit in.
I am from distrust;
I am from worthlessness;
I am from lies, disinterest, and disease.
I am from misunderstandings and rumors.
I am of death.

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