October 17, 2010
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There are two rules.

Number 1:
The Customer is always right
especially when they pick up a
neatly folded shirt
and throw it to the ground,
because it won’t fit their large girth.

The customer is always right
when they put
merchandise into the wrong crate,
which is clearly marked, or
bring 15 items through
The 10 items or less line
because they are in a hurry.

The customer is always right
when they are yelling, while returning items
at 8:58, when you are two minutes to freedom
And all you want to do is go home

Climb in your warm bed,
with your chocolate lab
where you’ll sleep,
Until you forget the
Half off sale
And the trampling you narrowly avoided,
but didn’t say anything because
the customer is always right.

Number 2:
In case that the customer is wrong,
you did give them the discount,
you had folded the shirts
And it was closing time,
Please review rule number 1.

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