Art of War

October 17, 2010
I open my eyes
Death is all around me
There is no peace
That’s all a lie

Bodies is all I see
Everything that was once good
Is now being destroyed
Hell has broken loose
There is nothing, but war

My hope for life is slowly
Diminishing into a ditch of nothing
I look up to the sky
And scream no more
But I am only one voice

As I’m walking down the path
That death has lied upon us
And I hear the screams
And cries of the innocence
There voices are silenced
By the sounds of gunshots

I can feel the hot tears
Welling up inside me
I ask, in deep despair, why?
But these are questions
That will never be answered

Bombs are thrown
In every direction I saunter
What Mother Nature had
Once created
Is now put to end

What is this?
Is this hell?
No, its war…

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