Chasing a Creator..

October 17, 2010
Take me to that place where you chase rainbows into the stars forever in a day...
to the place where you never leave me alone, never go away. that wonderful world you've created there...
you wipe away all of my tears.

You sing my dark night away with the most beautiful of lullabys.
..and paint pictures with your fingers across the sky,
dipped in colorful words; works of art beyond compare.
Every one different, and yet there is a similarity each one bares...

Each and every one has your unmistakable signature.
And when I look at the beautiful world around me as a magnificent gallery, filled with breathtaking art,
I see you. Even if its just a part.

Everything screams your name.
I could search for you all of forever,
and yet never ...
find all of you;
not enough, even with all my meager endeavors.

Still, it wouldn't be in vain.

I see who you are, who you always will be, and who you always were. -You have always been true, and cannot ever lie-
the greatest artist that ever loved, who was ever to die...
and yet still live.
Who is very much alive.

Who gave the most precious gift of love that the world, the infinite universe, and all of time and space has ever seen bequeathed.
And who loves his creation with an unquenchable love, and forgives...though He has the power to make worlds cease.

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