Every time

October 16, 2010
I see your face
Right now in front of me
I can see your gorgeous eyes
Your sweet lips
I can see your perfect smile
So dazzling bright

You are so beautiful

Every time I see you
My heart stops
Every time I touch you
Electricity jolts through my body
Every time I hear your voice
I forget about everything else

You are so amazing

Whenever I sit beside you
I want to reach over and hold you hand
Whenever I stand beside you
I just want to hold you and never let go
Whenever we talk
I want to scream out the truth

You are so perfect

I dare not look into your eyes
Too afraid of getting lost
I dare not talk too much
Too afraid it might slip
I dare not stand too close
Too afraid I might loose control

You are irresistible

But I can’t tell you the truth
I’m not sure if you feel the same
We flirt with each other
But I can’t tell if you like me too
Or if you’re just playing
You talk about other guys
And it kills me inside
It makes it harder for me to tell
But every time I see you
Whenever you’re with me
I am happy
And that is something I haven’t
Been for a long time
You are so beautiful,
So amazing, so perfect…
I just might be falling for you

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